Thursday, March 3, 2011

111 - UID can help tackle corruption in public services: Kalam

UID can help tackle corruption in public services: Kalam

CHENNAI: Former President A P J Abdul Kalam has said the Unique Identification (UID) Scheme, being undertaken by the government, can help in fighting corruption in public services delivery.

"One question which has often been asked by the youth is, how can, as a nation, we tackle the problem of corruption in public services delivery," Kalam said speaking at a function here.

"Recently, India embarked on the largest citizen identification programme in the world through implementation of the UID scheme. I am told that under this scheme, for each citizen of the nation, biometric scan in the form of fingerprint and iris pattern will be registered and stored.

"This has tremendous scope in targeting public delivery services, establishing accountability and ensuring that the intended benefits targeted people," he said.

Kalam said the database of biometric of every citizen of the nation would be an important tool with regard to security of the country, businesses and individuals.

"The successful realisation of these missions would also require the application of forensic science, and the forensic science community of the nation has to be ready for this challenge," he said.

The former President was speaking while inaugurating the third branch of 'Truth Labs', country's first private forensic science laboratory, here yesterday.

"As crime is evolving new ways to evade justice, forensics will have to constantly transform and expand its horizons... The benefits of modern science and technology should be translated into the welfare of the common man," Kalam said.

The 'Truth Labs' was first set up at Hyderabad in 2007, and is aimed at helping common men to resolve disputes, including criminal and civil ones.

"The common man in India prefers to resolve his personal, family or business disputes without approaching the police or courts due to cumbersome legal processes involved and the delays associated in the administration of justice. To make the process smooth, we decided to set up such labs," said Dr Gandhi P C Kaza, founder president of Truth Labs.

Its second such lab was set up at New Delhi in 2009 which was inaugurated by the Union Home Minister P Chidambaram.

The Truth Labs is specialised in dealing with cases related to child swapping, immigration, surrogate motherhood, infidelity, false rape allegation and hereditary disputes among others.