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161 - NDA to make multi-purpose ID cards mandatory for citizens

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NDA to make multi-purpose ID cards mandatory for citizens
Published on March 14, 2009 by admin
News4u-News Desk-New Delhi, Citing security concerns, senior BJP leader L K Advani today said if voted to power, the NDA will enact a law to make multi-purpose national identity cards mandatory for citizens of the country.
Security is the main concern for making national identity cards mandatory, he said as he unveiled the IT Vision Document of the party for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.
Advani pointed out the increasing infiltration of Bangladeshi nationals into the country, particularly in the northeast.
There are an estimated two crore Bangladeshi immigrants staying illegally in the country, he said and stressed on the necessity of having national identity cards for citizens.
National identity card is the key promise of the IT Vision Document, Advani said.

He noted that the Supreme Court had admonished the government for not taking enough steps for tackling the issue of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.