Tuesday, March 8, 2011

233 - Aadhar Project Is Unconstitutional Says Praveen Dalal -

Posted on 27th Sept 2010 by Gunjan Singh

Congress party of India is in a hurry to launch the illegal and unconstitutional projects like Aadhar/UID, Natgrid, CCTNS, etc. Till now it has become absolutely clear that the government does not care about public interest and public money any more.

According, to Praveen Dalal, even the constitution of India has been totally neglected by Congress government in its zest to impose unconstitutional projects like Aadhar. He further maintains that Congress government is taking anti national steps where neither the Judiciary nor the Parliament is challenging the same.

Civil liberties like right to privacy should not be taken as lightly as has been done by Congress government. There is neither a law for Aadhar project or unique identification authority of India (UIDAI) nor is there any sort of parliamentary scrutiny as envisaged by the Indian constitution, says Praveen Dalal.

The sole purpose of projects like Aadhar, Natgrid, CCTNS, etc is to supplement the already existing e-surveillance programs of Indian government. According to Praveen Dalal, even these e-surveillance norms are illegal and unconstitutional. The information technology amendment act 2008 (IT Act 2008), the cyber law of India, was the main instrumentality to gain the illegal and unconstitutional powers of e-surveillance and Internet censoring, says Praveen Dalal.

It is high time to say no to Aadhar project and similar projects before it is too late to react.