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270 - Tembhali in limelight, but no benefits for us’ - DNA India

DNA / Santosh Andhale / Monday, October 11, 2010 1:41 IST

Despite being in the limelight for more than a week, a few families of Tembhali village in Nadurbar district still have no option but to migrate for their bread and butter.

Fifteen days after the launch of United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government’s ambitious UID project, 40 of 274 families have migrated to the nearest area in Gujarat to earn minimum wages.

The authorities have also failed to complete the concretisation of the roads in this village.

Prime minister Manmohan Singh and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi had visited the Tembhali village to inaugurate the UIC project. Before their arrival, the government machinery was working hard to get all the facilities ready in the village.

They had also called the migrated people back to the village to collect the UIC. The villagers, who thought that after getting the card their misery to search a daily job would come to an end, say they are disillusioned. They say they have realised that for getting a job they will have to migrate again.

Government authorities are yet to finish the construction work of the road in this village. Nadurbar district collector AT Kumbhar visited the village recently and talked to the villagers. He assured them that the work of the road would be completed soon.

“We agree that Tembhali villagers came to fame across the nation due to UIC project, but we have not got any benefit. Everything is just as same, the road work is still pending and, people are still migrating for a job. Now, we have got the assurance from the government that they will complete this work very soon,” said Subhash Sonavane, committee member of Tembhali gram panchyat, who got the first landline in this village before the launch of this project.

Kumbhar confirmed that the news about pending road work, but added that the work would be completed within two weeks. “I have personally paid visit to this village and talked to the people. I am trying to solve the issues,” said Kumbhar.

He added that the authorities had chalked out some plan for their jobs as well. “We will provide them with cattle. There are only 6-7 boys who are educated and they want further training form Industrial Training Institute. We will arrange
for their education.

“Some of the families have migrated, but we can’t stop them,” said Kumbhar.