Friday, March 25, 2011

299 - (769) - Letters to the Editor - Mumbai Mirror

UID comes from Kargil
UIDAI says that UID is not a fallout of 26/11. True indeed! It originates from the Kargil War.  The Kargil war committee of Subramanyam recommended the issuing of ID cards to people in border areas to prevent such infiltration and extend it to the whole country to combat terrorism. This is ridiculous, since militants do not come with ID cards, but with AK-47s, and possession of ID cards or citizenship does not prevent one from becoming a terrorist.
— Mathew Thomas

Misinformation on UID
The UIDAI chairman, Nandan Nilekani, has misinformed people about the UID in the interview (Mumbai Mirror, Oct 10). One of the points was: Discussions with civil society organizations. It is unfortunate that UIDAI does not know the meaning of discussions. An invited-only meeting was called by UIDAI on May 6. There were so many issues that came up, that probably because of that, UIDAI just gave up on further civil society meetings.
— Dr Samir Kelekar

UID, a good project
With reference to your interview with the chairman of UID, Nandan Nilekeni, I wish to highlight a few points on the subject of human rights and privacy etc,.
1. Mobile numbers (private operators mostly) are available at a throw away price.
2. The details of all private clubs, hotel memberships are also available at a premium price.

The privacy question should also apply to the Social Security Number of USA. Kindly understand, UID is identifying you as a citizen of the country, where are you registered etc.
— Srikant S