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33 - Aadhar - the unique identity no for india: benefits and threats - Source - India Study Channel

Monday, May 24, 2010
66 - Aadhar - the unique identity no for india: benefits and threats
Aadhar - the unique identity no for india: benefits and threats

Unique Identity Number - Introduction

The need of a unique identity is India is being felt for some previous years. In June2006, first it was to be created for BPL families only but later on it was felt that there is requirement of identification for each resident across the country which would be use primarily as the basis for efficient delivery of welfare services and would help government in monitoring of various government programs.

On 4Nov,2008, the Unique Identification Authority of India was constituted and notified by planning commission on 28Jan,2009 as an attached office under aegis of planning commission with an initial core team of 115 official. On july2,2009 Mr. Nandan Nilkeni was appointed as chairman of UIDAI for initial 5 years.

UIDAI has an estimation to around 600million cards over the initial 5 years. The project has been given name as Aadhar India and a new logo containing sun having a finger print in it.

Need of Aadhar India

1.In several Government department various documentary proof are required, the unique identity number will reduce the burden of various identity proof.

2.For a long time India is facing various frauds in identity as some bad people of society has created various fake identity for their individual benefits. Aadhar India will help in finish all such kind of things.

3.Various type of duplication of data can be stopped with the help of UIN.

4.Aadhar India will serve as a simple solution to various kind of documentary proof.

5.Aadhar India will contain all kind of personal details so there will be no need to provide various personal details again and again.

How the Aadhar India can be used for various purposes

- Indian government is planning to use Aadhar India not only for identity but for the various other purposes. The Aadhar India is expected to be come out with various purposes. Some of the area where it can be used are:

1.The Income Tax authority of India has planned to use UIN as PAN card.

2.RBI is looking for UIN as this would help in finding all the bank account of a person with ease. It would be mandatory to provide your UIN to your bank to open a new bank account or to operate in current bank account.

3.The UIN is also being to use as phone no. of individual. The unique no. of person will become his phone no. However this is possible only when there no use alphabet is made in UIN.

4.This would also serve as license.

5.For various monetary transaction providing UIN detail would be necessary, this will help in reducing black money transfer.

6.The UIN card is also purposed to be used as ATM cum Debit cum Credit card.

Therefore Aadhar India is expected to serve both people cum government. It posses various benefits to government and people. But we should also consider that every coin has two sides. Aadhar India may also be misused. Some of the

which may occur due to Aadhar India are:

1.Aadhar India project is to be accomplished by private companies. Foreign companies may also be included in it. Hence individual data of people will not be safe.

2.Centralization of data will create various kind of problems to government and people.

3.Finding of personal details of person will become too easier. Hence this will be unsafe in terms of privacy.

4.If this is used for bank transaction or ATM cum Debit cum Credit cards, it will make easier for bad people of society to misuse them.

People will find the card as very useful tool for us but this will also create some insecurity for us. Centralization might turned to be a danger in future. Hence it is expected to keep safety of data specially as this would be electronic computer database and we specially government are facing hacking of our computer data.