Thursday, March 3, 2011

71 - Spoofing fingerprints in 10 minutes

Spoofing fingerprints in 10 minutes

About 15 years ago Ton van der Putte discovered that biometric fingerprint sensors could easily be fooled with dummy fingerprints. With these test he proved that the claim of the manufacturers that the sensors can detect if the finger on the sensor is alive, dead or a dummy is not true. Even today manufacturers do not have solved this problem.

In his presentation Ton will explain how easy it is to make a duplicate of a fingerprint when the owner cooperates. He also will explain that –with some more skills- it is possible to make a duplicate of latent fingerprint that is e.g. left on a glass. With simple means and today’s digitals cameras and laser printers it is possible to make duplicates with a resolution of 1200 bpi, which is about twice as good as today’s fingerprint sensors can detect.

At the end of his talk Ton will ask for a volunteer and will demonstrate that he can make a duplicate of the volunteers finger in about 10 minutes, that will be accepted by the fingerprint sensor as the real finger, so proving it is not just big talk.

Together with a colleague Ton wrote the first paper on the subject in the year 2000 and presented it on the CARDIS conference in Bristol UK. The paper can be found at: